Desperate Pets Announcement: 18 Nov 09

Please share this – Florence still doesn’t have a home – she’s just beautiful and time’s running out.  Anyone interested, please contact Freedom on 0403 152 991, 9442 3618 or at freedom_the_vegan@yahoo.com.au – from the Shenton Park Cat Haven (Perth Western Australia).

Florence is, simply put, an awesome cat. She is absolutely stunning to look at – pure white and fluffy, with one piercing blue eye and one mellow green eye – and has the personality to match. If you are looking for a family cat, the kind who will smooch around your ankles, hang out with visitors and not mind being picked up and slung over the kids’ shoulders, this is the cat for you. She is approximately 18 months old, so still has the activity levels and playfulness of a kitten, without the curtain-climbing, litter training etc.Flo does like to be very dominant with other cats, so would definitely prefer being a spoiled only child, but I think she would adjust to living with a dog quite well. There is really not a lot to say about this girl, as she is, quite simply, a great cat. We do strongly recommend that, as with all white cats, Florence be a completely or at least mainly indoors cat, as she will be extremely prone to sunburn and subsequent cancers, but she has been totally indoors at my house for over a month now with no concerns whatsoever – she is not the sort to sit mournfully by the door, begging to go out!
When she was initially handed in to Cat Haven as a stray, Flo was really in quite poor condition, with huge matts all over her body, so she has a bit of a funky haircut at the moment, but she does love being groomed so if you keep on top of doing this regularly, there won’t be any problems in this regard. We were initially suspicious that Flo had signs of ringworm, which is why she came to stay with me in the first place, however this has never developed into anything. Anyone who takes her on needs to be aware that she has now been exposed to ringworm and could potentially develop signs within the next few weeks, however I consider this very unlikely and anyway, ringworm is an extremely mild and easily treatable itchy skin condition, no different to having athletes foot. If she were to develop signs and required medicating, this would be at no cost to the new owner. Other than that, Flo is in fantastic health and is eagerly awaiting meeting her new family. If you think that could be you, please contact me on 0403 152 991, 9442 3618 or at freedom_the_vegan@yahoo.com.au

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