Lexie wants to give you a cuddle

**UPDATE**  This lucky pair have been adopted!  YAAAY!!

Jasmine from Staffy & Bully Breed Rescue has two kittens that are VERY desperate to find a new home – as the people who promised to take them changed their mind at the last minute. 😦

Their story is below – but who could refuse those beautiful white whiskers and chins??

Please post a comment here or email me at vegheads@sustainablelife.net.au if you’re interested. Luv Maree

Lexie + Tillie were going to their new home today unfortunately I got a phone call yesterday, from the people who were going to take them, they had changed their mind! I am now back to being desperate to finding these gorgeous kitty’s a home of their own – unfortunately my adult cat hasn’t taken to them – so for the past 2 months, my own cat has been living outside (refusing to come into the house) – which is extremely unfair and a little worrying!

Both Tillie + Lexie are hassle free kittens, they are up to date with worming and flea treatments, are kitty litter trained and aren’t fussy with what they eat (love their food!). They are currently allowed outside every morning for about an hour (while I get ready for work) then are inside for the day, once I’m home they are allowed out until the evening (basically until I go to bed) – they haven’t attempted to jump out the backyard – they seem quite content to hang out with the dogs and explore. They are good with dogs – I foster care and currently have 4 dogs- they play, chase and curl up with them all.

Lexie is definitely the more confident of the two and is often rolling around with my pup and playing chasey. She seems to be the one who is a bit more confident about exploring and putting up with the dogs roughing her about.

Tillie prefers more to cuddle up then play with the dogs, as they can get a little too rough for her. She seems to be a bit more of an inside cat than an outside one but I wonder if that has more to do with the dogs? She isn’t as brave as her sister but she’s starting to get more confident.

Both girls get very smoochy and like getting pats and cuddles – they aren’t too big on being picked up but will let you for a short while.

They are a little wary of strangers but doesn’t take Lexie too long to suss you out and realise you’re ok – while Tillie can take a little more time adjusting.

Would love to see these girls homed together as they are great mates and it would be sad to see them split, but I need to find them homes so will do if I have to.

Their adoption fee is $140 each this includes vaccination, sterilising, microchipping, kitty litter tray and bowl – if someone did want both of the girls I would reduce their adoption fee to $125 each plus would let them go with their toys and their cat scratcher pole.

I know there are plenty of kittens/cats needing homes and each one of them has a sad story – these girls are great kittens who will fit into any home and after fostering them for 2 months now, I am honestly desperate to find homes so I can give my own cat back her house!!

Cheers Jasmine

(Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue Group)

Mbl 0417 970 581 or Wk 9439 8615

Posted: 17/Mar/10

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