All of the dogs here were either adopted or returned to their original home, with the exception of one – which was very aggressive and not claimed so sadly, was not suitable for rehoming.

It’s terrible when animals have to die because we humans either can’t be bothered with them anymore or we lose them and fail to look hard enough for them. Animals can become aggressive when they are confused and scared – or as a result of mistreatment – which makes it nearly impossible to rehome them due to the high likelihood of dog attack. We can sit back and blame the system, the shires, the rescuers, the former owners… for not being good enough, not trying hard enough, for not caring – but it is up to all of us to lead by example to help end the sad reality of pet overpopulation.

If you have an animal, always – ALWAYS have it desexed. Microchip your pet so you can find him or her if they are lost – but most importantly of all.. we need all remember that animals are a LONG TERM commitment that require care, love, dedication and money to support. It is THEIR RIGHT to be treated with love and respect – not their privilage. Animals are not sticks of furniture or toys – they are living creatures with interests of their own. I hope one day that the purchase and “ownership” of animals will be a much stricter and time consuming quest – that those who plan to own an animal are carefully screened and approved license before they are allowed to buy. If this was the case, there would be far less “impulse buys” and carefree purchases… and dogs like these may be able to enjoy a more secure life with those who cared enough about them to work hard to include them in their homes.

For now, if you own a pet – love it and respect it, remember how much it gives you and how unique an individual he or she is. If you don’t own a pet but would like to – give it very careful consideration before you go ahead. If – after soul searching – you know you would make a wonderful owner – please PLEASE ADOPT and DO NOT BUY from a petshop or breeder.

In memory of the many thousands of animals that are euthanized each year because they are unloved and forgotten. Lest we forget.



Please help these dogs and give them a second chance – don’t shop, adopt. 🙂  These dogs are located in Perth, Western Australia.

Please help us

The City of Stirling Animal Care Facility is located at 15 Natalie Way, Balcatta.
The Facility is open weekdays 2pm- 5.30pm and weekends 12.30pm-1.30pm.

Please Phone 9345 8584 for more details.

A gift voucher redeemable at Balcatta Vet is included in the sale price which includes vaccination, heartworm test and sterilisation for unsterilised dogs. Council registration is extra.

Cost of adopting one of these dogs is:

Male Female
Sterilised $50.00 $50.00
Unsterilised $160.00 $170.00


dog of week flyer 15-21sep.pdf

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