***UPDATE 10/12/10***

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to update you all on the situation with these lovely critters.

A very generous lady from Albany has offered to give a home to all three.  She is due to pick them up soon to take them to her large property where Milly, Fatso & Jack will get to play with 3 other goats, as well as Alpacas, donkeys, llamas and some horses too.  We’re so happy that these guys will be going to a dedicated animal rescuer who has experience with headstrong goats (cue Milly!) and knows how much love and attention rescue animals need (many of her existing critters are rescues.)

We also have a couple of backup offers to fall back on in case anything should go wrong – so we are really pleased to announce that because of the DesperatePets/twitter/facebook and blog following community – yes YOU – these guys look like they will be a-ok!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  From the bottom of my heart, Milly’s heart, Jack & Fatso’s and most fervently – from the hearts of the family who had to ask for our help. This means the world to them.

My good friends have had to move to a new rental and even though they tried incredibly hard, they could not find anything that had fenced land to enable them to keep their beloved goat & 2 sheep. The situation is heartbreaking for them so they has asked me to help find a new home for their babies. Details of each are below:


Milly is a gorgeous 4 year old goat who loves attention. We’re worried about finding the right home for Milly because even though she is absolutely beautiful, she is a very large and strong goat who can get over excited when “playing”. Therefore, the right home for Mlly would have to be one where she can run and play in a large area (paddock) and preferably in the company of other goats – as she can even be a bit rough with the sheep. Milly’s human carer needs to be big and strong, yet gentle and loving. You need to be able to be stronger than Milly so you can hold her back when she gets overenthusiastic. Milly does not respond well to aggression, you have to handle her with love and understanding – if you can do that, she rewards you with just as much love and mutual respect back. Because of her rambunctious behaviour, Milly would not suit a family with small children (if they plan to get in the yard with her). Milly is available strictly as a pet only – she is very much loved and her family want to be sure that she will go to a loving forever home. Please contact Maree on 0402263554 if you would like to know more about Milly.

Sorry I don’t have a photo of these two yet but they are two marino cross wethers, they are lovely and placid sheep that are no trouble whatsoever. Jack is very friendly and will enjoy any attention you can give him, whilst Fatso is a little more on the shy side. Both would make a lovely addition to your paddock and would be fine with children (especially Jack).

The best outcome would be if we could relocate all three together but if that is not possible, we can separate Milly from Jack & Fatso. The sheep would need to stay together though.

Please help spread the word for these lovely animals – we only have 2 weeks to find a new home for them.

Maree Earnshaw – 0402263554
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