Wonderful news folks, this gentle diabetic kitty has found a loving home!! HOORAYYYYY!!!

This is an URGENT call for help for this diabetic cat that must find a foster or adoptive home ASAP!   Her owners were originally going to put her to sleep if we couldn’t find a home by Friday 7/1 – but have now agreed to hang on a bit longer to give us time to find someone to help Twinkie out.  Her situation is urge

nt because her elderly owners have gone into nursing homes and can no longer care for her – she is currently with her previous owners family but they already have 3 cats who do not like Twinkie – so we must act quickly to get her safe in a loving family.

Twinkie is 8 year old Persian X who is sterlised and immunised.  She is diabetic so will need daily insulin shots (twice daily) plus other periodic care.  The elderly couple who owned her have generously offered to pay for future medication costs to help encourage

someone to please take her in and love her.  Please read the message below from her family – and please consider helping this poor old kitty and her family, who obviously love her.

URGENT!!!.. my nanna’s cats needs a good home.. she has got diabeties n coz my grandparents are now in a nursing home they cant look after her.. she needs to have an injection before 8am in the morning n then again at night.. PLEASE ask around for someone who will be willing to take her ASAP! > She is a GREAT BIG BALL OF LOVE!!!

You can contact my mum Judie she has Twinkie the cat at her house and this is the number you can contact her on 94391765 and if there is no anser please do leave you name and number and mum will call you back… Thank you so much for your help….. Katie


Posted by animalactionist

Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Animal Actionist Ltd & Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary. It's all for the animals.

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