Jeane from Best Friends Animal Rescue advised me that Milly has now been adopted by a lovely couple.  It was a close call for her as she was snapped up just as time was running out.  We hope Milly has a long and happy life in her new home. xxx

Urgently seeking someone to foster or adopt this pretty girl. Please help!

Milly the gorgeous Border Collie urgently needs a new home. Owners are moving and can’t take the dog.

Good with children and other dogs. Very affectionate and amazingly obedient. Typical Collie – smart and friendly and loves to chase balls!

If you can help with permanent or temporary accommodation, please contact Jeane on 0415 779 610.

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Posted by animalactionist

Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Animal Actionist Ltd & Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary. It's all for the animals.


  1. she looks gorgeous and well kept and looked after. shame her owners have to move and can’t take her. why? what’s milly like with cats? is she sterilized and what are the costs involved right now? may, but ONLY MAY be able to help.
    cheers, carmen



  2. animalactionist 22 Feb, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Hi Carmen 🙂

    I sent you an email about this … did you end up finding out more from Jeane @ Best Friends Animal Rescue?



  3. hey maree, not been on your blog 4 couple of weeks & hope you’re well? yes my neighbour contacted jeane bout milly but already found foster home also wasn’t cat friendly, hence we’ll keep looking. jeane’s got my neighbours details anyway. hey, did you receive any ‘funny animal video emails’ from me? true they are worth watching and posting (but some people can’t open them). i sent them to ‘vegheads’. there’s another email address for you but can’t find it. what’s the best way to go? have a great w/end. X



    1. animalactionist 25 Feb, 2011 at 10:33 pm

      Hi Carmen 🙂
      Yes I am well thank you and I’m so sorry I have been very slack in responding to emails lately! Life is so very busy right now – please forgive me.
      Yes I heard from Jeane re Milly and as far as I understand it, she’s been adopted now. There are plenty more pooches out there needing help mate so I’m sure the right one will come up soon for your neighbour.
      I have received your emails and the vegheads address is fine. I get a lot of emails and tend to only have time to respond to the more serious stuff. The funny emails are a good tonic though!
      Hope you’re well… and thanks for caring about the critters. 😀



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