I have just heard from Freedom that Sam was adopted just before his time was due to be up. Thank you to EVERYONE who shared his story – both here and on the Cat Haven website, plus via Freedoms emails. Sam I’m sure, would like to express his deepest gratitude to everyone for helping him find a loving home, and for giving him a second chance at life.

xx purr purr xx

Please Save Me

Please contact Cat Haven as soon as possible on 9442 3667, or you can contact Freedom on 0403 152 991 or at freedom_the_vegan(at)yahoo.com.au

This gorgeous puss will bring light into your life; unfortunately though, he needs a new permanent home within the next 48 hours or he will be put to sleep. Currently due to lack of space in our isolation area here at Cat Haven, Sam is living in one of our large outdoor enclosures. He is safe in there but it is most definitely not a long term option so he really needs to find somewhere to go. Theoretically he really should already have been put to sleep but since Sam is such a stunner, and a real favourite among staff and vollies here, we have given him this extra chance.

Sunshine Sam is a bit of a bruiser; he was left unsterilised by irresponsible owners, wandering the streets and having to fight for food. He is a bit battle-scarred as a result, but it most certainly hasn’t put a dampner on his sunny personality. (Oh and he has been tested for FIV and FeLV, common among unsterilised toms, and thankfully is negative). Sam is just one great big smoocher, an absolute softy with a heart of gold, who gets along with everyone. He is exceptionally laid-back – a real dude, in other words. Although he is obviously used to doing it tough, I can quite easily imagine Sam curled up on a sofa, enjoying the good life! This lovely lovely boy deserves a home where he never has to go hungry again. His life so far has obviously been a struggle and it would be awful for it to end now – he is no more than 2 years old!

Sam’s adoption package is $165, to cover the cost of sterilisation, microchipping and vaccination (this is vastly discounted).

So if you think you can offer this boy the second chance he needs, and you need a bit of Sunshine in your life, please contact Cat Haven as soon as possible on 9442 3667, or you can contact Freedom on 0403 152 991 or at freedom_the_vegan@yahoo.com.

Please share this among collegues and friends, as you never know where Sam’s perfect family might be! Thank you so much for reading!

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