It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that poor, scared little Purdue did not find a home and was put to sleep. Several people involved in rescue tried very hard to find her a temporary or permanent home (particularly SAFE Avon Valley) but nobody was found.

My heart aches for this lost and terrified dog who, like so many before her, fell victim to our appallingly gross oversupply & “consumption” of pets. These living beings who are brazenly bought & sold like sticks of furniture, are far too often passed from one “owner” to another, ignored, bred (so her babies can be taken from her), kept outside all the time, mishandled and/or mistreated. 

Far too often we fail to recognize that our loyal companions think the world of us, even if we don’t treat them as well as we should. Dogs are capable of so much forgiveness if we will only give them a pat on the head, take them for a walk, show them some respect & affection. While we rush around in our busy lives our “pets” are silently waiting for us to spend some cherished time with them… We are their pack and because of that, they live for interaction with us. It’s no surprise then that things can go horribly wrong when we continue to break that trust with either abuse or neglect – dogs (like humans) become neurotic, untrusting & fearful (aggressive) when they are consistently let down. I may not know how Purdue found her way to the pound in the state she was in, but I do know that she had lost faith in man – that she was wronged somewhere along the way and just when she needed us the most, we couldn’t help her. As a society, the one lesson this teaches us – Purdue’s legacy – is that this should remind us that animals are sentient, emotional beings who deserve to be treated with respect and importance – always. Their lives are just as valuable as ours – as far as they’re concerned – and we must remember this when we deal with them. They are not ours to do with whatever we please – they matter independent of us – not because of us. Purdue ceased to matter because our saturated pet market had nowhere safe and loving for her to go… There are far too many new puppies & well behaved dogs out there for the taking, so who would choose her when they don’t have to, when they don’t even know she exists?

Every backyard bred dog, every pet shop purchase, every failure to sterilise – adds to the growing numbers that will be dumped and put down tomorrow. So if this story breaks your heart like it does mine, if you love your animal companions with all your heart and you would never dream of leaving them behind – then you my friend are the answer – you can change the story for dogs like Purdue by educating yourself and your friends about the plight of all animals caught in the pet trade. You can encourage everyone you know to never shop – only adopt – and if you do, maybe the next poor soul like Purdue will find a home and a second chance at happiness. 

RIP sweet dog – I never met you, but your story touched my soul – you mattered to me. 

Purdue is currently in the pound and doesnt have much time to find a suitably experienced carer.
Purdue is a very frightened girl who is rather misunderstood and hasn’t seen the best side of us 2 legged creatures. Subsequently she is very scared and has bitten in fear when she was bailed up to be caught.
If you were experienced with dogs and knew how to help Purdue with time and exercise, disciplne and the right affection we believe she will be a lovely dog.
If you think you are the right person to help her and have no small children please give us a call to discuss. Purdue has until Tuesday to find a carer.

Please view photos and further information here: http://fb.me/UlKcL10T

Posted by animalactionist

Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Animal Actionist Ltd & Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary. It's all for the animals.


  1. How very sad. RIP Purdue.

    I was one of the many people concerned with her welfare and was prepared to drive to Northam and deliver her to Perth if needed. Unfortunately, we were already fostering at the time and couldn’t take her on.

    I call upon any dog-minded people to consider fostering as a practical alternative to full-time pet ownership. It saves lives and helps us discover the diamonds in the rough.

    If anything, this should be Purdue’s legacy.

    Goodbye little girl, may the next world be kinder to you than this one.



  2. animalactionist 23 May, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Well said Alex and thank you for your willingness to help. I hope your and my words may inspire others to consider fostering the little ones who are needing someone to help them through a hard time. You are one of those diamonds my friend. Much love to you.



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