I have just received word that Rainbow has finally found a home too.. after over 9 months in foster care!  Rainbow’s foster mum says she’s gone to the perfect home for her, making the long wait worth every minute.  So good to finally see both these kitties have found permanent homes. 


Keira has found a new home – HOORAY!!  BUT dear Rainbow is still looking for a forever home… please consider helping this lovely kitty out.. or share this post with someone looking for a bundle of fluffy love.  🙂

These gorgeous girls have been waiting patiently for a home since before Christmas – if you think they’ve been waiting for you all this time, please contact foster mum Freedom on 0403 152 991 or e-mail freedom.bradbury(at)cathaven.com.au.


I am the embodiment of the term big things come in small packages! Sadly I got pregnant at the young, tender age of just 7 months (irresponsible owner) I’m a tiny little thing and I will stay that way.

But anything I lack in stature I MORE than make up for in big personality. I am just incredibly smoochy and bounce around on my back legs trying to jump up at you to get lots of pats and smooches – it’s very very cute! My early life was pretty traumatic and as a result I can be shy and reserved around new people but it doesn’t take me long to learn to trust you and once I do, I will be your very best friend for ever. When you get home from work or any time you’ve been out, I will run to the door to greet you and do my ankle-smooching trick in a way that would make you think you’d been gone for days.

I would be a really lovely companion for a single person or couple who wants an affectionate, loving little snugglepuss – to be honest I’m not all that hot on kids, I think more mature people would suit me better. But I also get along really well with other cats and would be a lovely companion for an existing pet, or alternatively if you’re looking for two kitties it would be great to stay with my sister Keira. Or I would be fine by myself too – as long as I get lots of love from you of course!

P.S I am nigh on impossible to photograph! I am too busy smooching, kneading, rubbing and rolling over for belly rubs. So I apologise for the poor photo quality. And I’m definitely not as sad as I look – that’s just my facial markings!


Look at my beautiful, unusual face! It’s a baby face, really – but sadly, it is also a face who has seen a lot in just 15 months of life.

My background left me skinny and malnourished but after a couple of months of TLC, I have really started to blossom. I am proving to be a very chatty cat, who is inquisitve and friendly and most of all just wants to be around people. I would really love to be curled up on your lap, or snuggled with you in bed, more than anything in the world. I still take fright at loud noises, and can be wary of strangers, but with time this will improve. I would like a home without small kids (over 10 years would be fine) and probably would prefer a dog-free home, though I am of course very tolerant of other cats. I would make a great companion for an existing cat, or would love to be adopted with my sister Rainbow Brite if you are looking for two new companions.

After a very rough start to life, I just want a family who will love me, and whom I can love in return. Is that you?

Contact is Freedom:

freedom_the_vegan(at)yahoo.com.au or freedom.bradbury(at)cathaven.com.au.

Or foster mum:

0403 152 991

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Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Animal Actionist Ltd & Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary. It's all for the animals.

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