***UPDATE 8/11/11***

Very happy to report that Cayden has been rehomed 😀


Cayden is big and he is strong and he does look tough but under that exterior is just a big heap of soppy sweetness and a very trainable young man who is good with other dogs.

Cayden is EXTREMELY responsive and very quickly learned his boundaries in his carers home (no couches or beds and no entering bedrooms unless invited). He is one of the sweetest dogs his foster mum has ever had, and will do anything to please his people, especially if it earns him a hug or kiss. He walks on leash beautifully, but wants to chase any cat he sees on walks…so a home without cats in preferable.

When off leash he loves to sprint around like crazy but never wanders far away, in general he is quick to recall but like all dogs has some selective hearing when he’s busy sniffing something interesting. His foster mum has been focussing on getting him off leash every day and now his recall is really good – nearly 100%.

We think Cayden has had a rough past before coming to us and Caydens foster carer is doing wonders rehabilitating him. The biggest difference his foster mum has made is being out on walks with him, he used to shy away and cower when anyone came to talk to him but now 90% of the time he stays really calm and is just curious about people. He is slowly learning to trust males and responds very well to a slow controlled introduction. Most of the time he’s doing really well with it but he still needs a slow introduction where Cayden gets to do all his sniffing first and gain trust before his carer lets anyone pet him, this works wonders. He’s reliably able to build trust with all his carers male friends as long has he can approach them while the males completely ignore him. After a few minutes he’s rubbing his back against them looking for affection. So he requires a patient and confident owner who can continue this while he builds his confidence. But overall he warms up to men much quicker than before. Slowly but surely he’s gaining confidence. We are not sure what Caydens past involved but his owner is in jail for illegal substance dealing so we can only assume he was abused or taught to be the way he has been when meeting men.

Caydens a high energy dog and requires someone willing to give him lots of regular exercise (but seems to hate water so non-water based sports!). Cayden is currently receiving about 2hrs of walks/runs per day + play time in the back garden. He absolutely has the energy to run all day long if his future owner is up for marathons so would be perfectly suitable as a jogging partner! He can be very playful and play a bit rough when excited, charges into your legs and gets a bit mouthy, but he settles down quickly with a firm voice. Because of this and because he is very easily excited we would only suggest families with older children or couples/single person.

All in all, Cayden is still very puppy-ish and loves to chew his toys and beds. More than anything he loves to be with his people even if he can just ride along in the car (which he is super great at) happy to just snooze or gaze out the window and enjoy the ride usually without hearing a peep out of him. He’s always very quiet in the house – rarely barks. And he just needs someone with a little dog sense to continue with his training and to help him build confidence with meeting men.

Cayden has also put on lots of weight and lots of muscle so he’s looking really good! Everyone who met him a couple months ago is commenting on how filled out he is now from the bag of bones he was when he first came to us. Cayden weighs in at about 35kgs and is def a larger sized boy.

So if your up for the challenge and you have a soft spot for Cayden and think can complete him please call us to discuss.

For more information on this lovable dog.. and to arrange to meet Cayden, please visit his full profile on Pet Rescue: Cayden- Teddy Bear in Disguise’s profile at PetRescue – is he your new best friend?.

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