***UPDATE JULY 2012 ***

Fred has FINALLY been adopted!  HOOORAYYY!!  I’m pretty sure Fred was eventually adopted by his rescuer/foster carer (affectionately known as a “foster fail”).. but this is yet to be confirmed.  Either way, his pet-rescue profile says he’s found a home and that is just the best news ever for this old boy.  🙂

This post originates from PetRescue – I hope sharing this post on this website will help spread awareness for Fred’s situation and help him to find a loving home in his twilight years.  Please spare a thought for Fred.. old dogs are so easy to care for and love.

Listed by Staff n Bull on 16 April 2011

If your looking for a super social fully matured older gentleman perhaps for company for your older current family dog then Fred is perfect. Fred is a super friendly gorgeous and easy going old man who was left unclaimed in the pound.

We didnt want to see Freddy spend his last days unloved so we arranged to get him some love in care.

Fred is great with other dogs and kids and is currently living with a foster failure Johnny and two young girls… and he just loves them all. We are willing to discuss letting Fred go with Sally or Pippa also as we think they would be great company for each other. (see Sally and Pippas Profiles)

He may be getting on but we think theres still some months.. possibly a year or two still left in this gentleman.

Little fatty loves his food and because of his failing eyesight he does snatch food…which shouldnt be held against an old man of course… but it is something to be aware of when feeding treats around littlies.

Fred may not be in perfect health but that doesnt stop him tottering around and spending quality time with his foster family enjoying the good life of affection and appreciation, snoozing on a soft comfy bed and going for quiet casual short walks.

Fred is housetrained also.

If you would like to discuss giving him a warm cosy bed in his senior years we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to know more details about adopting Fred, please visit his Pet Rescue profile here: Retiree Fred’s profile at PetRescue – is he your new best friend?.

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