***UPDATE 18/12/11***

Great news – I’ve received word from Freedom Bradbury that all 4 of these beautiful cats have found lovely homes!

Some stunning pedigree cats are available right now at Cat Haven… here’s the story from Freedom:

Hi everyone! Cat Haven has found ourselves with an amazing selection of stunning pedigree cats in addition to our usual selection of gorgeous moggies. So if you or anyone you know is seeking a particular breed, we might have just what you’re after! Please contact Freedom at the Cat Haven on 9442 3667, 0403 152 991 or email freedom.bradbury(at)cathaven.com.au if you’re interested in any of these:

“Victoria’s Secret” Somali female 2-3 years
I was found wandering the streets of Victoria Park. I’m a rather fancy girl, a pedigree Somali, so someone must be missing me! If you know where I belong please contact Cat Haven asap to help get me back to my family.
Sadly there has been no sign of my owners coming to claim me, so it’s time to try and find a new family to call my own. I’m a stunning girl, utterly beautiful both inside and out – I’m very talkative and would like a family where I will really be a big part of the action, as I’m very inquisitve and confident. I don’t like other kitty cats so I’ll need to be an only child but if you’re looking for a cat with real purrsonality to fill the hole in your home, then I’m the one for you. Just come and meet me today, you won’t be able to leave me behind!

“Tuleha”. Bengal Female 18 months – 2 years.
Just because I’m a bit of a fancy breed, my previous owner got me purely to breed me and make money off selling my kittens. Isn’t that awful – I was like a machine to her! But then she lost her house and had to live in a caravan with me and my last litter of kittens, which I didn’t like at all and I got really really stressed. So she finally agreed to give us all up to Cat Haven so that we could find better homes where we will be loved and valued for our unique and wonderful personalities, not just our breeding abilities!!
Want to know my personality in one word? SMOOCHY! As you can see in my picture, I will smooch anything – people, walls, whatever (not other cats though – I’m not much a fan of other kitties). The other word for me is talkative, I have a great set of lungs that I’m not afraid to use so if you love having conversations with your cat then I’m the perfect choice. If you don’t know much about my breed, it would be great if you could do some research – or just come and have a chat to staff! I’m a fabulous girl looking for a family to love me to bits.

“Kimba”. Bengal cross Australian Mist (?) Female 2 years
Life Story: My previous owner’s son was diagnosed with asthma and his doctor told my family to get rid of me as I could be making it worse.
Pursonality traits: I’m a real stunner there’s no denying it – staff think I might be an Australian Mist cross Bengal. Whatever it is there is something fancy in my heritage but don’t adopt me just for that! I’m confident and friendly and just need a secure and loving home.

“Samarra” Bengal cross Australian Mist (?) Female 4 years

Look into those big green emerald eyes and you’ll be hypnotized… I am just as gorgeous in real life as in pictures, wouldn’t you just love to wake up to this gorgeous face every morning? I’m a talkative, confident and friendly girl but I don’t much like other animals so would really appreciate being an only child please. I’ve got lots of love to share with my lucky new family, could that be you?

“Bella” British Blue Female 4 years

I’m the sweetest lil lady in all the land. I was abandoned 12 months ago and a family took me in, but sadly they already had cats and dogs who just bullied me all the time. Because I was so scared I ended up living outside all the time; this stressed me out even more to the point that I started grooming myself excessively and now I’m almost bald down half of my back because I’m so worried. So they had to make the hard decision to bring me here, so I could find a home where I won’t be picked on all the time. I’m a sweet, gentle, loving little lady who just needs a really quiet and gentle home that will nurture me and let my beautiful personality shine through. If you think you can offer me the love that I need, please come and meet me today.

Take joy and kindness everywhere you go!

And don’t eat animals!

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