I just recently discovered Method products after attending an Enjo party – who on-sell the range.  I must admit that I was skeptical at first that the range was truly vegan (that’s the trouble with being a conscious consumer.. you learn to never trust what a supplier tells you until you’ve had a chance to scrutinize the ingredients and company for yourself)…  I am happy to tell you that, after spending much time on websites, and a few emails and conversations with Method, I can confirm that the full Method range is vegan – cruelty free and environmentally friendly – but with ONE CAVEAT… they still use Palm Oil in their products (albeit from apparently “sustainable” sources).  Please read further below for my findings and thoughts on the Palm Oil issue.  I have still decided to include Method on this list for now.. but will be watching to see if they make progress on their Palm Oil sources in the future.

That all said, I do love how the makers of Method are concerned with everything environmental and ethical – as you will see HERE –  it makes them a stand up company in my book.

I have personally tried the dish washing tablets and can say that these are HANDS DOWN the BEST I have used! My dishwasher was consistently producing smeared glasses and not quite clean dishes these last few months and I was under the impression that the machine was on it’s way out… but then I tried the Method tablets and you guessed it, the wash came out perfectly!  No need to call the serviceman after all… thank you Method.

Here’s a little excerpt from the Method website regarding their position on animal testing and vegan status:

Method performs absolutely no animal testing on any of our products, and does not endorse, request, or commission any animal testing on our behalf.

Method has a forward-looking approach. We are trying to make animal testing obsolete. We ensure that none of our suppliers do any animal testing on our behalf and have lobbied to gain acceptance for our non-animal product testing protocols from regulatory agencies, retailers and consumers. For our product safety testing we use in-vitro (non-animal) simulated skin and eye irritation tests and have been successful in lobbying various federal and state agencies to accept these test methods in place of animal test results.

These efforts, and innovations like tallow-free fabric softener products, were part of the reason that PETA named our two co-founders the 2006 PETA persons of the year, and gave method a Proggy (progressive business) award in the same year.

We are proud to be certified by PETA as a cruelty-free and vegan company and are included in their cruelty-free shopping guide.

via method: behind the bottle.

As for the use of Palm Oil.. their position in this regard is a little hazy.  It seems they do use it but are working towards (apparently) ethical sources.  Here is what they say in their FAQ section of their website:

Palm oil can no doubt have very negative effects in its sourcing. Deforestation, with the implied biodiversity losses, erosion, and loss of traditional existences is something we want to keep as far away as possible from our business, and source only ingredients from sustainable sources.We are working to ensure the environmental quality of the palm that method sources in two ways. First, we are choosing to work only with suppliers that are part of the RSPO – the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil – all of which have assurances of their plantations and practices not contributing to deforestation. Second, we are working to source a method stock of sustainably produced palm oil from a producer in the Americas, where we have much greater awareness of the production techniques than with oil coming from largely anonymous suppliers on the other side of the world. The palm oil (or palm kernel oil or coconut oil, depending on the application) that we’d source from the sustainable producer would then be used in a variety of method productsVia Method – FAQ’s

  • This response indicates apparent sustainable sources but remember that Orangutans are still killed in places like Borneo even on “sustainable crops” as the apes do not know that these plantations are off limits – and are trapped or killed if they are caught within them.  Methods intention to source Palm Oil from plantations in the Americas seems more promising to me. 

If the Palm Oil use hasn’t turned you off… Method sells a whole range of products to keep you and your home clean as a whistle… the following links show you the full ranges on their American website (which I’ve included because the product descriptions are much better than on the AU site – but remember the prices indicated are in American dollars… there’s a link at bottom of this page for online shopping in Australia):

You can buy Method at IGA, via an Enjo consultant or online (although strangely, the AU online store doesn’t seem to have the full line).

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  1. You can now buy Method online in Australia at http://www.kyrabellaonlinestore-au.com

    Kyrabella Australia is an Australian Registered Business. Owned and run by passionate mums with very sensitive children. Who are always on the lookout for new and improved chemical free products that keep our children asthma, allergy and eczema free!

    KyraBella OnlineStore provides you with chemical free products for you, your family and your home. Featured products include bamboo socks, bed linenes and towels by Amara Bamboo, Plant based dish washing detergents, laundry liquid detergent, toilet and floor cleaning liquids, aswell as foaming and gel hand wash all by Method Home Cleaning Products, Mild by Nature for Baby and much more.

    We believe that being chemical free doesn’t make us boring! With so many fantastic scented products in our range you won’t get bored.

    We are passionate about providing our families with products that are healthy alternatives to the harsh chemicals we would normally use to clean our homes, wash our clothing and use on our family’s delicate skin.

    Come visit us today!



    1. animalactionist 12 Jan, 2012 at 2:21 pm

      Thanks for this Kyra!

      *Just a note for my readers.. I have not checked out all of the other products Kyra sells so cannot say that any of them (other than Method) are cruelty free and vegan (no animal testing or animal derived ingredients).

      Kyra – perhaps you could let us know if any of the other products you sell are vegan friendly?



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