***UPDATE 28/12/11***

Very happy to report that Charlie went to a lovely home last week!  There are still many cats needing their furever home, so if you think you can provide it or know someone who can, please contact Cat Haven.

Here’s a re-post from Cat Haven’s website for the charismatic “Boo Boo Charlie”.  Freedom (from Cat Haven) tells us that this poor girl has been with them since June and has undergone a major surgery to fix a broken leg (car accident).  Even though she’s “super awesome”, somehow she has not been lucky enough to find someone to offer her a forever home.  We’re hoping this will change.. please read her profile below:

Name:  Boo Boo Charlie

Sex:  Female

Age:  3 years and 6 months

Reference:  70490

Life Story: “Bop” That was me giving you a little bop to get your attention. “Bop” that was another one… just to make sure you’re really paying attention. Now, if you’ve had anything at all to do with Cat Haven in the past 6 months, you should know my name. I’m not trying to be big-headed or anything, but it’s true – I’m a bit famous. I first came here waay back on the 9th of June this year (yep you heard right, over 6 months ago!) when a lovely lady found me wandering around a hospital car park and thought that wasn’t a very safe place for a kitty. Unfortunately she was a bit late, as it turned out that I had already been hit by a car and suffered a severely broken front leg (that one that I keep bopping you with!) Everyone could see what a special kitty I was, so there was a massive fundraising drive and thanks to lots of special people, there was enough money for me to have surgery on my leg. The awesome people at Murdoch Vet Hospital even did the surgery at a discounted cost for me! So then I had some intensive rehab, before being placed up for adoption.

I found a new home but unfortunately for reasons out of my control, my new owner only had me for a couple of weeks before I returned to Cat Haven – back to square one! So this time I’m serious about finding my FOREVER home. And with it being almost New Years, which in my mind is all about new beginnings and all, now seems like the perfect time to find my perfect family.

My dream home would be with a young single or couple who just want an awesome companion. I’m an out-going, affectionate, confident and playful girl with a cheeky nature and a BIG personality. I can be a touch of a princess so would definitely prefer life as an only child – no other cats or dogs in my life please! And because of my fair skin, I would burn to a crsip if I was out in the sunshine, so a home where I can stay inside will be lovely, thanks. I have a bit of a nutty side to me and will ALWAYS put a smile on your face so if you want entertainment out of your cat then I’m the one for you. I’m not too needy, so I won’t mind being left alone if you have to go out to work for long hours and things – but when you get home I’ll follow you around like a little dog. So if you think I’m your perfect match, well, what are you waiting for? I’ve been waiting 6 whole months – has it been you I’ve been holding out for?

Want to adopt Boo Boo Charlie?  Visit here:  Adopt Boo Boo Charlie from the Cat Haven | Cat Haven – Every Cat Matters.


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