Karma & Phoenix have found a forever home.  Thank you to everyone who shared their story.

Meet Karma & Phoenix.. These 2 boys were “bobby calves” so they have never known their Mum (taken away from her shortly after birth because she is a dairy cow).  They were bottle fed by a farmer, who intended on killing them once they reached the required weight for veal. However, the boys must have had an inkling of their impending doom as they would often visit an animal loving neighbour (over 1km away and having to jump 7 fences) to stare at her, seemingly imploring her with their eyes for help.  The visits increased to up to 3 times a day as the date of their slaughter loomed closer until the kindly neighbour (Tammy) could stand it no longer, and decided to do what she could to save them.

With the help of a fundraising campaign via Facebook and through email contacts, family & friends, Tammy has managed to purchase the boys from the farmer and is now seeking a loving, safe, permanent home for them.  They are now 16mth old and weigh about 500kgs each. They were originally named Steak and T-Bone by the farmer (typical!) but we think their noble new names suit them beautifully, representing their amazing spirit and the hope that they will be safe from harm from now on.  They play like dogs fetching sticks and love scratches.

After going through so much to ensure the safety of these boys, Tammy would like to ensure that they only go to the very best home – therefore a negotiable adoption fee and signing of a Statutory Declaration detailing the provisions of the adoption will be required to secure these boys.  The stat dec is just to confirm that the animals will never be slaughtered for meat, and must be returned to the rescuer if they are no longer able to stay with the original adopter. Further details of the agreement and adoption process can be discussed direct with Tammy – so please drop her a line at phoenixsfarm@bigpond.com.

Alternatively – Press the link below to fill in our “Expression of Interest” form.

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Posted by animalactionist

Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Animal Actionist Ltd & Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary. It's all for the animals.

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  1. animalactionist 19 Jan, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    An update on these two – we have just secured a temporary foster home for them but they are not yet safe. The foster property is on the market so once it sells, they will be homeless as the farmer does not want them back. PLEASE continue to share their story and please, if you can, please consider helping Karma & Phoenix. Thank you <3.



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