I’m sad to report that regrettably…this dog was put to sleep. 😦  Vet confirms that she was very aggressive (worse than we thought) and had already been worked with a trainer, etc with no success. She was also exhibiting increasing aggression towards people. Very very sad and maybe, if the right person was available, she may have had a chance of overcoming her problems but we had no time to find anyone – and the current owners had tried everything they could. She was attacking their other dogs constantly, and showing increased aggression towards people too, so everyone was in danger.  

I’m sorry they couldn’t help this little girl, whatever it was that was making her so mad, perhaps something from her past (she was a rescue dog) had caused this to happen.  We’ll never know for sure, and despite our deep desire to give her more time, we could not find anyone who was skilled enough to take her on.  Sadly, her story has ended too soon.  From my heart to hers – I send her love and wish her peace.

URGENT foster needed. Staffy x due to be PTS tomorrow (Wednesday 4th April) in Perth Western Australia. This dog loves humans but fights with other dogs. If you can offer a safe haven for him (no other dogs) until we have a chance to find an appropriate & compatible home to adopt him, please contact me. I don’t have much more info than that at this stage but will find out more very soon. Please, if you can offer a temporary home to a lovely (but socially untrained) dog, please let me know.  Fill in the form below or call 0402263554. Thank u! ♥

Posted by animalactionist

Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Animal Actionist Ltd & Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary. It's all for the animals.

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