MAY 2012 – Update from Cat at ZARF.

“To everyone who has been holding out for news on Scooby, it is with a huge amount of sadness to let you know that Scooby has been put to sleep. As I am sure you can imagine, this has been devastating to both his foster carer, and to us as well. I ask that if you have anything that you would like to discuss, I am happy to speak with anyone about this at any time, however, I would appreciate and expect that you will message me directly, and also send out some much needed love and support to his carer right now, who is struggling to cope with this terrible situation. I would also like to request that each and everyone of you, on behalf of Scooby, stand up to your friend, neighbor, colleague etc. who has or is about to given up their pet because they are moving, divorced, going on vacation, etc., or who simply cannot be bothered to care for the animal they made a lifelong commitment to…or should have.
To everyone who helped share Scooby’s story, and to all those who works tirelessly in the rescue community, thank you so much for your continued support.”

Such sad news for this beautiful old boy and the people who tried so hard to save him.  Apparently there were some people who indicated they would be willing to take Scooby on but some were not suitable homes and others never followed through by filling in the applicable adoption application forms.  Cat’s request at the end of her post are the words I would like us all to focus on here.  It really is up to YOU and ME to speak up for animals as they cannot speak for themselves.. and it is we humans who often fail to appreciate how important it is to dedicate ourselves to the long term safe keeping of our “pets”.  People who work in animal rescue (or advertise for them) see how many animals die every day because owners have assumed that their pet will be ok if given to a shelter, or to a reluctant friend.  The reality is that there are far too many abandoned animals and far too few good homes for them to go to. It’s a very hard gig to find a good home for surrendered animals.. especially older ones, or those who have any sort of behavioral problem (which is often why they’re surrendered in the first place).

May Scooby be a reminder to all of us that taking on a pet is a long term commitment, and that we should give this very serious thought before we go ahead and buy that cute puppy (or kitten, or other adorable critter).  May his fate highlight to us that the safety of our pets lie firmly in our ability to fully commit to them, as they do to us.  They trust us completely.  It is our duty and obligation to honour that trust.

For Scooby, and 1000’s like him … we can do better.

RIP sweet angel.

I just received an update on Scooby from ZERO’s and it seems Scooby’s situation is now urgent. Please read the  message from Amy Flint at the bottom of this post. 

This gorgeous older boy has been waiting for someone to adopt him since before December last year!  According to Cat at Zero’s Animal Rescue Fund (ZARF), he is a beautiful and friendly boy, with plenty of love and life left in him .  It would be wonderful if we could help this boy find a great home to live out his twilight years.  Here’s what Cat has to say about him:

Scooby is pretty great at all sorts of tricks and it is our hope for him soon, that there is a loving and committed family out there, who will appreciate his talents, wit and charm! Scoobs is a fantastic mature gentleman whose exuberance for life shows no slowing down with age. At 10 years old, he is the life of the local dog park! He is fantastic with dogs of all shapes and sizes and though his fascination with cats can be a little over the top sometimes, a bossy cat will certainly keep him in line. Scooby has recently had a full dental, has lost almost 10 kilo’s since coming into care and has learned that running with his foster mama is not only fantastic exercise, but heaps of fun too! We are looking for a forever home for this charming fella where he will have a nice cushy bed to call his own, daily exercise to keep him young and sprightly, and heaps of love.

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 10 years
  • Sterilized: yes
  • Vaccinated: yes
  • Micro-chipped: yes
  • Vet checked: yes
  • Wormed and flea treated: yes

Want to read more about Scooby or call the rescue group to find out more?  Please follow this link to his online profile:  ‘scooby’ | zarf.

Alternatively, you can fill in our Expression of Interest Form and we will forward your details to the rescue group.

Amy Flint – 10/04/12;

Scooby has been in our care for almost a year now. He came to us when his owners were going on vacation, no longer wanted to take responsibility for him and so had brought him into the clinic for euthanasia. Scooby was 10 years old at the time.

When we I first met Scoobs, his age was the first thing that stood out to me. Being a ten year old lab X, I was expecting to at least see some arthritis and a fair degree of stiffness in those old legs, but Scoobs came bounding out of the clinic with the energy of a 5 year old! He was super playful, loved chasing the ball – this guy had a lot of life left in him. I thought that for sure he would only be in our care a very short time before some lucky person would scoop him up.

Well, almost a full year has passed and we have not received one single expression of interest in Scooby. Not one 😦 His foster carer, who initially offered up only a very temporary placement for him, has cared for Scooby the whole time. We have tried to find foster placement for him, as we understood the limitation of his current carer, and didn’t want to have her burn out on us, but no one was interested in fostering him. 😦 Well, much to the sadness of his current carer, she is simply unable at this point to further care for him. She is heartbroken as she has put a lot of time, effort and love in to looking after this little man, but she works long hours, has other animals of her own to care for, and never signed up to be a lifelong foster carer for Scooby. And fair enough!

I know this is a long winded email, but we have had to make a tough call on Scooby’s life. Basically, this is our last ditch effort to find him a loving forever home.

Scooby is a fabulous dog! He is dog social, cat friendly, loves to run and play, loves beach walks, walks well on a halti, loves to curl up by your feet and watch movies. He is healthy apart from an ongoing ear issue, which we are currently trying to manage and will likely need management for the rest of his life. But his hips are holding up and he is bright, alert and active. This boy has a lot of life left in him! He would be great in an older active home, or a family with older kids as he can get a little boisterous with super little ones. His only pitfall is that he is a talented escape artist, and will need to go to a home that is either on a large piece of property, or that has very secure fencing. He has learned how to escape in the time it takes someone to shower! So secure fencing is a must. But, apart from his Houdini like skills, he is an all around fabulous dog and really deserves a loving family. Scooby must not be an outdoor only dog and needs a family committed to giving him exercise everyday to keep up his good health.

Please everyone; share this message and help us find him a forever home ASAP.

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