Most of the people who follow this website are avid animal lovers and caring consumers who do their best to ensure they are not contributing to animal exploitation and cruelty.  We all love our animal friends and try our best to do the right thing by them.  But how many of us think about what our superannuation dollars fund?  You may be surprised to learn that you could be inadvertently investing in companies and industries who are involved in weapons development/production, animal and/or human rights exploitation/violations, environmental damage, and even tobacco production. Unless you manage your own super, it’s very hard to take control of what your money is injected into.   So it’s wonderful news to discover that one superannuation company “Cruelty Free Super” is addressing this important issue and now offering “Cruelty Free Money”.

Sounds good right?  I’m just amazed it has taken this long for our super funds to offer something like this!  Here’s what the Cruelty Free Super website says they seek to invest in:

“Cruelty Free Super will seek to invest in companies involved in:

• Environmental Protection
• Clean Energy
• Recycling
• Water and Waste management
• Companies providing services or products of benefit to society
• Education
• Healthcare (subject to negative exclusions)”

You can read more about this fantastic new Super Fund here: but if you would like to hear more and be able to have your questions answered face to face, now’s your chance.  Lee Coates (Director of Ethical Money) is currently conducting an Australia wide tour, hosting free talks and raising money for animal sanctuaries and rescue.

I’m a little late with this post so there are only a few more dates coming up (I’m sorry I missed some, please forgive me!).  They are:

Melbourne – Friday 4 May 6:45pm at Port Philip Eco Centre – money raised goes to Edgar’s Mission & Elwood Urban Sanctuary

Adelaide – Wednesday 9 May 6:45pm at Bliss Organic Cafe – money raised goes to Freedom Hill Sanctuary

Perth – Monday 14 May 6:45pm at PAWS – money raised goes to PAWS & Animal Actionist

As you can see, the Perth event will be donating money to PAWS and Animal Actionist, which is very exciting for us.  Any money raised will go towards improving and expanding the scope of work we do here on this website, so we hope all our Perth friends will go along and support us, as well as the wonderful people at PAWS.

As for a cruelty free super product, I’m keen as mustard to learn more about that.  I’m sure you are too.

Love AA. xx

“Australians have been crying out for a way to ensure their compulsory super contributions fit with their personal ethics. This Super fund offers informed consumers an investment path that will be kind to animals as well as the world we all live in. It is long overdue.” Animals Australia Executive Director, Glenys Oogjes.

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Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Animal Actionist Ltd & Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary. It's all for the animals.

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