It’s that time of year again when my all time FAVOURITE event hits Perth – the Cruelty Free Festival! (insert fanfare, whoops and whistles here)

I was lucky enough to be involved in last years event where I manned the information table – handing out educational literature on animal issues and screening documentaries. This year I have been a tad too busy to get involved in offering my services but I still plan to go along and help out a wee bit at the A-MAZing vegan cake stall, sausage sizzle & pie stand. Yup – they’re ALL vegan and they were incredibly popular! Feedback from last years event was so positive with most of the food selling out within a couple of hours (so don’t go late – you don’t want to miss out this year!).

The other little plan I have up my sleeve for this years event is to bring along Timmy the Lamb so he can say hi to some of his fans. Yes, I say fans because Timmy has become a bit of a celeb on Facebook, and there are quite a few people just itching to give him a hug and hang with “Mr T”. I cannot say that this is definite yet as Timmy is still learning to tolerate crowds and he does have a bit of an inherent fear of dogs that may hinder his ability to attend a pet friendly event. My first priority is to Timmy’s welfare so only time and training will tell if he will be ok to come along. If he does, Timmy will be hanging out with the equally gorgeous Levy Lamb – who is quite the seasoned expert at attending public events and I’m sure will be able to give T a pointer or two on how to chill out and just soak up all the glory.

Apart from these two little stars… the Cruelty Free Festival has so much more to offer. From cruelty free fashion, food, cooking, products, and services to live bands, informative talks and a down right groovy and peaceful vibe.. this is one of Perth’s MUST GO events. Now don’t worry if you’re not a vegan or a vegetarian.. this event is for ANYONE and EVERYONE who wishes to enjoy a peaceful and happy day, whilst checking out all things “Cruelty Free”. There will be so much to see, touch, taste, listen to and do.. so pack your picnic rug, an open mind, a loaded wallet, and an empty stomach – then head on down and immerse yourself in all that good stuff.

The following additional information comes via Animal Rights Advocates – who are the organisers of the event. You can also click here to go direct to the Cruelty Free Festival website.

The Cruelty Free Festival is an initiative of Animal Rights Advocates Inc. The festival started in 2010 with the intention of raising awareness about animal rights, celebrating cruelty-free living, social justice and sustainability.

On the Cruelty Free Festival website you will find information about the festival including attendees, stallholders, transportation guides and anything else you will need to make the festival more awesome!

There will be cooking demonstrations, information booths offering materials on a wide variety of animal rights subjects, environmental sustainability, personal and family, health and lifestyles, fun activities for children, live music and so much more.

If you want to be kept up to date promptly, feel free to like us on facebook or listen to our bird tweet on twitter.

Posted by animalactionist

Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Animal Actionist Ltd & Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary. It's all for the animals.

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  1. wonderful thing to have,i hope all have a great time at festival,but i am so unhappy that there is so much pain evil ppl do to the animals in this prayers are always with you you Timmy ,he is so lovely maree.ty and God blee for such a great work you all do.



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