I have just been notified that Ursulo has found a new home via SAFE Perth – Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia – fantastic, thank you SAFE!! Here is what Ursulo’s human had to say when asked where he will be going:

“Gorgeous Noelene from Swan Valley is taking him to his forever home – alongside lots of happy lady chooks, in amongst vineyards and lots of love and care. He was on his best behaviour today and didn’t even go for any toes! Happily meeting her and parading around the dining room. He will be so missed but we are all happy that he is going to such a lovely home – hope to have photos soon – and will definitely take a drive over to see him soon.”

Such a great outcome!

The situation for this rooster has become URGENT! Please help! Do you know ANYONE who can offer this boy a home? Here’s what his current owner says:

“Okay last call out guys. Poor Ursulo still has not had any offers. We wormed him and de-tick/loused him this week – the poor guy has had a terrible run. Yes, he has rickets but still gets around. Yes, he is a rooster but surely someone has enough land to take him in? He is a broiler so chances are he wont live a long life anyway – surely he deserves to have a little comfort and care. We just don’t have the room or facilities for him and it’s not fair on him. Sadly if we don’t find him a home this week he will have to be euthanased as his life is very sub-standard and just not fair. The only space we have is an old small shed that is not fit for any creature, who knows what has been in there before we moved in! Please put the word out to all your contacts, on all your pages. I’ve never had such trouble rehoming an animal before – I just hope someone loves chooks like we do, but unlike us, actually is able to give him the life he deserves. Sorry he’s not a cute cuddly little creature, but even an older rooster deserves love that we all seem to reserve for only some species? Apologies if this post offends anyone but it’s been 3 months now and Perth and surroundings are a huge place – and people are still breeding and selling chooks all around us. For photos, please see any of my previous posts. Thank you”. – Via Lulu Langford

Original post:

Would you like to give a handsome rooster a second chance at life? This boy has had a rough start, but is flourishing with loving care. Now all he needs is a home to call his own…

Very large male rooster, rescued and cared for in the hope we can find him a forever home. We are unable to keep him as he is not good with other roosters.

He is a ‘meat’ bird – and his size has outgrown his leg strength – he looks as though he has rickets – his legs are bent and not straight but he does get around okay.

He’s only just learned how to crow so even though he looked rough when we got him, and covered in mites (we have treated him for this) he now has full feathers and must be younger than he looks. He was in a bad way with lots of cuts and damaged feather quills, but is turning into a very handsome guy.

He’s a very friendly bird – just not with ‘boys’ of the feathered variety. Also, any home must be a caring one, not somewhere he’ll end up in a pot.

We are located in Lesmurdie.


Please fill in our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form if you would like to know more or offer to adopt this rooster. All applications are forwarded to the current custodian for consideration, and you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your offer further.

If you have any problems or further queries, please contact Animal Actionist direct via the “contact us” link. Thank you so much for caring for animals.


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