I received word from Julie that Tippi found a great home here in Australia and the money raised for Tippi’s rescue has gone towards the fantastic rescue work that GACI do. What a fantastic outcome for Tippi and all the other Greyhounds that will benefit from the funds raised. A VERY happy ending. ❤

Original Post
Tippi is a 2 year old greyhound. She was going to be put down. A lady called Barbara offered to foster Tippi because the situation was urgent and there were no alternatives. Barbara can’t keep her where she is because she’s in a rented unit and is away a lot for work. She has to go back to work this Tuesday. She advised the Greyhound association in Perth and they had no family available to foster Tippi, so they booked a kennel in the pound for her as “fostering”.
Barbara is Italian and is going to Italy around April. She wrote to the GACI (Greyhound Adopt Center Italy) and lots of people offered to help pay to transport Tippi to Italy. If Barbara can’t find a permanent home in Australia for Tippi (would be better, less traumatic) she’ll take her to Italy with her. Barbara currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.You can keep up to date with Tippys story by following this Facebook conversation.

If you would like to offer to foster Tippi, please contact Julie McHenry.

If you would like to adopt, please fill in our online application form and we will forward this to Julie.

Please share Tippi’s call for help to spread the word. Thank you. ❤


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