I have wonderful news! Rita’s amazing Carer and friend, Louise, has managed to come up with the perfect solution to allow Rita to stay home, and hopefully live a far more relaxed and happy life. Louise and her dad put together this beautiful cat run/room just for little Rita. Doesn’t it look fantastic?

Rita's new digs - where there's a will, there's a way.

Rita’s new digs – where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I’m so delighted that Louise was able to come up with a solution to Rita’s situation, and Louise is really relieved she can keep Rita. I wish you both all the luck in the world. Xx

Here’s the latest update from Rita’s current owner -the situation is not looking great for Rita so she REALLY needs to find somewhere safe and quiet to go to. Please help!

“I haven’t been able to place her yet. Unfortunately while staying in temporary care with a friend she became very stressed and started to attack her and the other cats. We rescued her from a very unkind home several years ago and it took a long time for her to trust us, so I think that she is finding all the changes very difficult. At the moment she’s staying in my bathroom (there is a cat aggressive dog here so she cannot have run of the house) but she can’t stay here forever đŸ˜¦

Ideally she would need someone very understanding to give her time to adjust since she does defend herself if she feels threatened. There would need to be no other cats. She may tolerate a cat-friendly dog given time. I wouldn’t place her anywhere with children either.

She is on some stress-relieving treatments at the moment and seems to be doing ok for now. It has been much harder to find somewhere for her đŸ˜¦ At least she is safe with me for the time being but I think if the right home came up, then I would offer her for adoption, as she really needs a stable, quiet home.”

If you can help Rita then please contact Animal Actionist or email Louise Cocks – at mslouisecocks@gmail.com, or find her on Facebook. You can also click on Rita’s photo to go to a photo of her on Facebook, and join in the discussion about her there.

Original Message – 17th Jan 2013:

The following call for help comes via Louise Cocks on Facebook. Please help this very pretty kitty find a happy, temporary home.

“ATTENTION PERTH: Can anyone offer a temporary home for this beautiful cat? Email details below:

My cat Rita needs somewhere to stay, hopefully for about 2 months but possibly a little longer. I will of course pay for all her food and other essentials.

She has lived with cats and dogs before and is fine if they leave her alone, although she would prefer to be the only pet. My friend has been caring for her while I try to find a place to live. She is being harassed by an outside cat at the moment, at my friend’s house, so needs a new place to stay for a short time.

She is very smoochy and affectionate! She is good company if you’re home all the time, but is used to being alone while you go to work.

She is about 4 years old, female desexed, vaccinated and microchipped domestic shorthair. She needs to be kept indoors only. I am willing to drop her off to you anywhere within the Perth metro area.

If you can help me then please contact Animal Actionist or email me – Louise Cocks – at mslouisecocks@gmail.com, or find me on Facebook. You can also click on Rita’s photo to go to a photo of her on Facebook, and join in the discussion about her there. Thank you for reading!”



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