These three boys became my foster fail. They moved to our sanctuary to be held until we could rehome them but they have managed to melt our hearts with their beautiful natures, and handsome plumage. Their antics of running around scratching for worms or showing me their latest tid-bit are a delight to behold. They now call “Kookaburra” their home, and we’re very happy to have them here with us. Well done boys. xx

Original Post:

This call for help comes from a lady who took 5 chicks on to hand raise with the hope of keeping some tame hens, but unfortunately 4 of them ended up being boys.  As she lives in suburbia, she cannot keep the roosters, so she is now seeking loving forever homes for all of them.


Hi I’m Llama, I like dust baths & singing in the rain

Meet Llama, this plucky little fellow is a 15 week old Barnevelder, he’s full of life and has a rich crowing voice.  Despite being far bigger and more developed, he’s the daggy one of the group who is always worried about missing out.  He is always the first one to run excitedly towards you if there’s the promise of a treat.  He was a timid and gangly chick but has gained in confidence as he has grown and who can blame him!   Now a handsome cockerel with stunning plumage, he has earned the right to strut around showing off his stuff. He’s looking for a loving home with a few girls he can watch over and dance his pretty dance to. He loves dust baths, worm scratching, and singing in the rain.

I'm Dora (but you can call me Doro) - I like cuddles and high places.

I’m Dora (but you can call me Doro) – I like cuddles and high places.

I'm a 15 week old Ameraucana Rooster, aren't I stunning?

I’m a 15 week old Ameraucana Rooster, aren’t I stunning?

Meet Dora (or Doro?); With his beautiful colouring and warm personality, Dora is always everyone’s favourite.  He doesn’t mind a cuddle and is the most inquisitive of the bunch.  As a chick he was the only one that would jump out of their box, and either go wandering around the room or perch contently on the edge of the box to watch over the flock.  He is very peaceful and gentle but still stern enough to keep the others from misbehaving too much.

I'm Flasher, I'm lightning fast with stealing food and your heart!

I’m Flasher, I’m lightning fast with stealing food and your heart!

This is me in stealth mode, moving like a bullet

This is me in stealth mode, moving like a silent and very gorgeous bullet

Meet Flasher, despite being the smallest, he’s a little mischievous go-getter who knows how to stick up for himself.  He likes to dart around the yard like a little bullet when something catches his attention.  Full of zest and energy, this little easter egger has a big personality!

**UPDATE 27/8/13**

All the boys are now trying out their voices so they had to be moved from the original owners property due to council restrictions.  They are currently in a foster home but still URGENTLY needing permanent and loving homes as the foster home has limited space and cannot keep all these big handsome boys for too long.  They each need to find a flock of hens and a safe home to call their own.


Please fill in our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form if you would like to offer to adopt any of these little guys.

* Animal Actionist promotes non breeding of all rescued animals, particularly in the interest of breaking the cycle of unwanted farm animals (most of them males,) that find themselves with little time to find a new home and end up in danger of slaughter. All farm animals adopted via Animal Actionist are intended as family pets, and therefore the same rules that apply for non breeding of cats and dogs, applies to these animals too.

All suitable applications are forwarded to the current custodian for consideration, and you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your offer further. Please understand that it may take a few days for us to respond to you depending on the amount of applications received, and it is never a case of first come, first served with animal adoptions, as we have to do our best to locate the absolute best homes for the animals. If you have any problems or further queries, please contact Animal Actionist direct via the “contact us” link. Thank you so much for caring for animals.

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