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Do You Support Animal Suffering?

Many of us are disgusted and indignant when we learn about animal abuse – as we have seen from the recent outcry over the conditions of animals in the Live Export trade. Most of us are dismayed by unnecessary harm.. and if cruelty is being inflicted, we outcry and condemn the perpetrators and demand that things should change. Yet many of us don’t realise that simply by purchasing that leg of lamb, a feather doona, or those Italian leather boots you’ve been lusting after – you are financing cruelties that you would never dream of supporting, if you knew they were happening. This pamphlet from Boston Vegan Association explains what happens behind the closed doors of agribusiness and other common animal exploitative industries, and why going vegan is the most effective thing you can do to put an end to animal suffering.

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Free E-Book – Guide to Cruelty Free Eating

This comprehensive guide to cruelty free eating is brought to you by Vegan Outreach. It features dietary advice, nutrient needs, recipes, information on animal welfare and loads more. It’s a […]

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Recommended read – Skinny Bitch

Check out this book! I’m reading it now and just LOVING it! Skinny Bitch Not your typical boring diet book, this is a tart-tongued, no-holds-barred wakeup call to all women […]

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