**UPDATE 22/12/12**

Fantastic to hear that this beautiful girl is now with her furever family, yay! 🙂

***UPDATE 20/06/12***

Honey is currently on trial with her new family, so we hope it all works out for her.  Stay tuned for a (hopefully) positive update / confirmation on her new home!

This dear sweet girl has been searching for a home since Dec 2011 – so I’m hoping this post will help her (and her sister) find a beautiful family who will adore them.  They can be separated, so don’t feel pressured to take two dogs on – but of course, if you can give them both a home, that would be so very wonderful.  Please share their info with everyone you know who may be able to help them.  Here’s some more details from SAFE Perth:

The Pharaoh hound is the national dog of Malta. Their Maltese native name is Kelb tal-Fenek (Rabbit Hound) They are beautiful slender sighthounds with a gorgeous red/tan coat. Honey and Akanae are beautiful playful girls, and they have settled very quickly into a new environment and have been playing non-stop with their new toys.

Honey and her sister Akanae are gentle couch potatoes when in the house. Turn your back and they will be lounging somewhere. They are both active, particularly Honey so will need regular walks and are good with other dogs. They have basic obedience. Both girls are very affectionate and they don’t lick! They are beautiful dogs.

Want to read more about Honey (and/or her sister) or call the rescue group to find out more?  Please follow this link to his online profile:  Honey’s profile at PetRescue – is she your new best friend?.

Alternatively, you can fill in our Expression of Interest Form and we will forward your details to the rescue group.

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