All of these dogs were either adopted or placed into rescue care!

This message comes from Bec at Staffy & Bully breed rescue… please help the Rockingham 12!

Hi All,

It was good news last week with all dogs at stirling pound that were urgent being adopted, 4 in total. 🙂

This week though Rockingham Pound is full and some of these dogs have very little chance if not adopted soon, so this is rather urgent for 9 of the 12 dogs of which 3 have rescue backup so far.

If you are willing to foster care one of these dogs please contact us and we will put you in touch with an appropriate rescue who will arrange this with you….most are full up so cannot fit more dogs in unless they have foster carers to help.

Dogs urgent are Impound Numbers: (in order of website appearance from last page back to 1st, bottom right to top left)

976 (male brindle staffy x)
974 (female black kelpie x)
979 (male black ridgeback x)
987 (female tan staffy x)
993 (male Black and white rotti x looks mastiff)
992 (female black and white staffy x)
991 (male black and white border collie x)
990 (male black and tan rotti)- will be safe with Rotti Rescue

989 (female black and tan rotti) – will be safe with Rotti Rescue
988 (male brindle and white mastiff x)- has rescue backup
999 (male tan staffy x)
1001 (female ginger and white husky x)

All dogs are free (apart from registration) to adopt but the dog must be booked into a local vet in the area for sterilisation and vaccination and a Rockingham Ranger will drop the dog you adopt to the vet for you on the day its booked in and then you are required to pick the dog up and pay the cost of the vac and sterilisation.

To Adopt:
Please call Rockingham Pound on 9528 0303
Dog Pound Location: Hurrell Way, Rockingham (on the left of the Community Projects building).
Open Times: 3.30pm – 4.00pm – Monday to Friday (Gate will be open and a Ranger will be in attendance at the pound).

Dogs can be seen on the Rockingham Pound website on the below link.


Extra Info:
Dear Rescuers,

A rather depressing situation at the Rockingham pound with heaps of beautiful, deserving dogs abandoned to their fate… The Rangers are doing the best they can to put off the unthinkable but its a terrible situation. Best if I put it in point form to make it easier to read.

1) Attached are some extra pics of some the Rockingham Pound dogs seeking homes/rescue or foster care (please read image name/ number for appropriate dog and impound number)

2) 993(M) and 992(F/M) who are the Rotti x and Staffy x surrendered to the pound and were housemates. They were surrendered to the pound because the owner has shacked up with a girlfriend who has a cat.

3) 998 The Special Case: Ranger Andrew brought this fellow to my attention: He is a B I G Mastiff X who has been wandering the bush for some time before being taken in. Unfortunately, this chap has a big abcess on his back and has received some primary care and antibiotics but once the tablets run out, that’s it as the council will not pay anymore care costs. I can organise some replacement antibiotics to continue treatment but this fellow needs a sympathetic home to nurse him up again. Very friendly, very big but quite placid and surprisingly quiet. If anyone deserved an “URGENT” tag stuck to their bottoms, it would be him, any help on the Golf Course Mastiff 988 would be great as Andrew would also love to see him saved – along with the rest of us… (we are seeking foster care for this dog)

Kind Regards,
Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue
0405 164 598
Kenwick WA

Perth Pets In Need- Facebook Group
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WEB: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=161490752060#!/group.php?gid=102309459819689

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  1. hi my name is carmen. i rang early monday (7th feb) enquiring about a german shepard X male, impound no: 80/11 brought in on 28th jan. his name is ‘stubbie’ and is 7 years old. it was me who was very willing to pay all costs to have ‘stubbie’ rescued from being euthanised. my plan of ‘action came to a standstill when my friend couldn’t adopt him until we found another home and myself have already two golden retrievers. i understand that K9 were coming to take some dogs to their shelter, unfortunately ‘stubbie’ didn’t fit their criterea. i searched ‘petrescue’ but couldn’t find this fellow anywhere. this dog, i know is suitable for re-homing.
    can you possibly shed some light as to where he has been taken?
    i would like to donate some $$$$ to take care of him.



    1. animalactionist 08 Feb, 2011 at 10:38 am

      Hi Carmen, thanks for dropping by. Did you ring the pound direct? I have forwarded your message to a rescue group that work closely with Stirling Pound to see if they know what happened to Stubbie. I will post here again as soon as I hear any news. Alternatively you can email me direct via gawok@me.com



  2. animalactionist 08 Feb, 2011 at 10:46 am

    Carmen there is a conversation going on about this dog here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/photo.php?fbid=1764682527345&set=o.102309459819689&notif_t=photo_tag&pid=31776016&id=1547597836
    This may help shed some light for you?



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